Wood Family Goes West 2020: Day 7

Pica and Pika. (That’s what Edwin said I should name this post.)

This morning we chilled. Seriously, I went back to bed after breakfast. We continued working through the laundry and the kids had more home-made donuts from Yeti Post and watched TV.

Late morning, we headed over the pass away from the “quiet side” of the Tetons to Jackson Hole into Grand Teton National Park. Lunch in Jackson was at a Mexican taqueria called Pica. Lunch was good, but it was the only thing that we got out of the car for in Jackson. It was so crowded! (Thank you, Paul, for the advise to stay in Driggs instead.)

After lunch, we went to the visitor’s center at Grand Teton National Park. It had some cool exhibits. Lillie especially liked the animal footprint signs on the floor encouraging social distancing. She found one for a pika–a small mouse that lives in this area. Lillie told a nurse last week during a test that a pika was her favorite animal. (I can about guarantee that I have the ONLY six-year old who’s favorite animal is a pika.) We bought souvenirs in the gift shop. (Limit of 15 customers at a time in the store.) The cashier was also from Georgia–in between Columbus and Macon. (Kevin called her out on her accent.)

Pica and Pika. Get it?

Victor, a tiny town in between Jackson and Driggs, is home to the huckleberry milkshake at the Emporium. Our neighbors at the duplex advised that we stop there on the way back to Driggs. All the ice cream was ordered at a window out the side of the building and they delivered it to a picnic table outside. I had a butterscotch shake. Yum!

Grand Targhee Ski Lodge is only about 20 minutes from where we are staying, so we took a ride up there. We missed the ski lift; it stopped running at 4:30 PM. A beautiful overlook on the way back down to Driggs provided amazing views, a great climbing tree, and privacy. Kevin asked me if I would come back up there with him tomorrow to watch the sunrise. Of course, I said, “Yes!”


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