Meet Us

In January 2019, my husband Kevin and I embarked on our latest venture; we bought a nearly sixty year old furniture store in the small-town of Clarkesville, Georgia. After twenty years in the car wash business and building a successful regional chain, this confuses and intrigues people. “So, how exactly did you get from washing cars to selling furniture?” We smile and laugh because we don’t really get tired of the answer. It was a God-thing. That’s the really short story.

The longer version is that Kevin was looking for something to invest in. He explored different opportunities, but the door kept staying wide open to our small-town furniture store. Eventually, we could see the metaphorical flashing neon signs above it! Everything lined up perfectly; it met all the criteria on our carefully-crafted life plan.

The store is close to home. We live just outside of town on a farm, but we wanted something near our house. Our store is just a few minutes away; just a quick ride to town and we are there.

My involvement in our next business was essential. My background was in education, but I stayed home raising our four kids for twelve years. I wanted to find a way to discover what I could bring to the table. It’s been a transition for my family, but I have found my critical role in this process thrilling. In addition to co-ownership, I am currently over merchandising and marketing.

We wanted to build a business that our kids may want to run someday. Our kids are still young with their lives ahead of them to make this decision, but we wanted to create something lasting that we would be proud to hand over to them. Kevin always has been involved in his family businesses and developing our children’s entrepreneurial spirits is a family value.

Community is very important to us. Kevin was born and raised in Clarkesville. Except for the time Kevin was in college, he has lived in Habersham County, Georgia. We bought land and built our farmhouse just outside of Clarkesville in 2014. This is where we planted our roots and are raising our kids. Both of us are in love with this town and want the best for our community. We want our business and our family to be a shining light in this town, making a difference and continuing a legacy that has already had a sixty-year history.

So, that was the longer story. Another exciting part? This is only the introduction! We can’t wait to keep on writing it–for our family and yours. May your journey, also, be blessed…

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