I’m sorry, but you’ve lost your touch…

I’m really angry at this virus. Almost overnight, it managed to take away one of the most powerful tools that we have as humans. It turned the healing power of touch upside down and vilified it and demonized it. It’s keeping us from worshiping together and laying hands on the sick and the burdened. All good and responsible people, except those on the front-lines of this madness, are told to stay home, stay apart from one another. It’s our duty. We are now scared to touch one another! How can something be this powerful??? It’s craziness that in order to save ourselves and our families, we have to give up such an important piece of our humanity.

A month ago, catching COVID-19 was the last thing on our minds. By the time that we returned 9 days later, it was already spreading.

Yes, we have our internet connections. I know that we are all doing the best that we can with our virtual meet-ups. (My kids are even practicing for a play online!) Unfortunately, technology doesn’t replace the physical connection between people. We know this and have preached it to our kids, if we’ve been wise parents.

On February 21, 2020 we flew to San Juan to take a Caribbean cruise. Before we got on the ship, we had to verify that we had not traveled to China nor had we had any contact with anyone who had traveled to China.

I’m just not sure that it’s what Jesus would have done. He’s the Healer, though. He would have been with the doctors, I suppose. He wasn’t scared of the lepers and the bleeding woman who touched him in the crowd of people. (No pushing crowds of people around here, huh?) I am encouraged, however, that Jesus’ healing didn’t always require his touch. There were many times that people were healed by faith alone–even from a distance!

The Touch Pool at Coral World, St. Thomas. Feb 28, 2020.

The Bible gives us hope for this isolated situation in John 16:32-33. This is the part of Jesus’ story when Jesus is talking to his disciples about his impending death and resurrection. This is what Jesus said. “Look: An hour is coming, and has come, when each of you will be scattered to his own home, and you will leave Me alone. Yet I am not alone, because the Father is with Me. I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace. you will have suffering in this world. Be courageous! I have conquered the world.” Of course, Jesus is talking about how he will die on the cross and the disciples won’t be there for him–they will be huddled up in their homes fearing for their lives because of their association with Jesus. God the Father will be with him, though. He’s not talking about being home alone, under quarantine, so we don’t risk passing a potentially-deadly virus to one another, but my take-away from this message is that we don’t have to be alone. God is with US, also. (I don’t think that this connection is too big of a stretch!)

El Morro National Monument. Feb 29, 2020. How is it possible that this was only 3 weeks ago?

Love on those in your home that you are permitted to love on. Respect the laws and mandates that the government provides, but don’t live in a spirit of fear. We are commanded to love our neighbors. If we are needed, we should go! I will now hop down off of my virtual soapbox with my hands properly washed. Peace be with you all.

March 2020. We celebrated Morgan’s 4th birthday at home.


2 Comments on “I’m sorry, but you’ve lost your touch…

  1. Right on, Melissa! God is allowing us to have to go through this but we don’t have to be fearful. Psa. 91 talks about this very thing. The Lord is our refuge, our protector and we can be in peace. I’m praying that this will be a wakeup call for our families, country and really the whole world. GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL! Give those 4 munchkins a big hug from Nana Shar.
    Love you all.


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