Secrets to a Merry Marriage

Anyone who knows me even a little bit will know that I am crazy about my husband. We get along well and enjoy just being together. A lot. When I looked back at this wild, beautiful year that we have had at Wood’s Mercantile, I am humbled by our little space that we have carved out together in this world.

We had our ribbon-cutting for our new La-Z-Boy Comfort Studio yesterday. We were surrounded by our family, friends, and community members who have supported us this year. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for ALL of it.

…Then we took off on a date together.

We have four really amazing kids: Edwin, 14, Mont, 10, Lillian, 5, and Morgan 3. For the last twelve years or so, we have had a weekly date night. We very seldom miss it. The weeks that we have had to miss for some reason, we try to make it up some way–we have lunch together or send the kids upstairs so we can cook together and listen to music  in the kitchen. We are very protective of this time…and it has been SUCH a blessing to our marriage. Sometimes date night is a trip through COSTCO followed by a quick dinner at Chipolte. For a couple of years, we used to go to the local auction every Friday night. Recently, I have made more intentional dates for us a couple of times a month to get us away from work for an evening. What we are “into” has changed over the years…but we continue to be “into” one another.

There isn’t any greater gift that you can give your kids than to spend time with your spouse. Our kids feel secure knowing that in an uncertain world, our home is a safe place to fall. Kevin and I will back one another up; they don’t try to play us against one another because they see us as one unit. We flirt in front of them. We respect one another. We make our marriage a top priority.

I thanked him this morning for always making me feel secure in my place by his side. In the sixteen years that I have been with him, never once has he given me reason to doubt his love and respect for me as a woman. Never once. He’s solid, y’all.

Kevin and I aren’t Gift People. I haven’t bought him the first thing for Christmas and I know that he hasn’t bought anything for me either. This isn’t how we show our love for one another. It adds to that One-More-Thing-To-Do during this already overly-busy season.

So this year, I wanted to dedicate this space to My Love.

Kevin, I love Us. Every. Single. Day. Thank you for bringing honor and goodness into the world. You are an amazing husband, father, and friend. You are everything I could wish for every Christmas and New Year of my life.

Merry Christmas, Sweetheart.

3 Comments on “Secrets to a Merry Marriage

  1. You guys are so awesome! You and your entire family. I Susan and I are so blessed to be able to call you friends. I don’t say that lightly, true friendships are so special. Merry Christmas guys.


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