Finding New Traditions…

It’s easy to get overwhelmed during the holiday season! This year, in addition to the normal Christmas frenzy that comes with a busy household with four kids, I am entering my first holiday season with Wood’s Mercantile. I have been trying to figure out how to create new traditions for our store, while maintaining the history of Wood’s as an important holiday fixture in the Downtown Clarkesville Christmas events.

Santa Claus with big Christmas present

With our beautiful showroom remodel, we opened up the large picture windows at the front of the store. This let in tons of nature light and gives our staff and customers a great view of the square. However, it did away with the smaller cubbies that were part of the Windows at Woods tradition in recent years. What would be our new contribution to the community this Christmas?


Kevin came back from the Main Street meeting last week and approached me with an idea…Could we do a storytelling time? YES! This suggestion made my heart sing. I was a school librarian in my former life and I have homeschooled my own children. Reading aloud is HUGE in our family. So this year, Wood’s contribution to Downtown Clarkesville Christmas will be storytelling followed by a simple make-and-take craft at the top and bottom of the hour. This will take place on Saturday, December 14 from 6:00-8:00. Our store will also be open during the event; this will give customers extended hours to shop with us.

Open book by the Fireplace with Christmas ornaments. Open storyb


There will be a lot of fun events going on that evening. My littlest love, Morgan, can hang out at the store and listen to the stories (and eat Christmas cookies) while my older three participate as downtown carolers with their music teacher, LeAnne Challenger owner of Challenger Music in Clarkesville. Community involvement is an important family value for us!


Confession: In spite of owning an amazing design-centered store, decorating is not my thing! I am thankful for the talented people and groups who have come along beside me and helped me with this during this busy holiday season. Kathy Walker, former owner of the amazing Cody Road Furniture workshop and store created and executed a vision of simple holiday decor that compliments our showroom. Christmas Decor with Bill Haynes will be decorating the outside of Wood’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. My gifted friend, Keila Nichols, will be working her skills inside of our home to get it ready for our staff Christmas party. Lorna Hunter with JRM Management will be setting the floor with our new High Point Market accessories in time for our ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Habersham Chamber of Commerce on December 13. My sweet friend, Jessica Baltimore, is helping out with the organization, unboxing, and tagging of all of these accessory items; moving hundreds of items from our warehouse to the showroom floor is a huge undertaking. Our hard-working staff always supports our mission and work seamlessly to execute it daily. It takes a village to pull off all the holiday magic!

christmas thanks

One Comment on “Finding New Traditions…

  1. Very nice! I really like the storytelling idea! Your tribute to all those helping make Woods a holiday venue was very thoughtful.


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