My Favorite Things

I need to reflect on my busiest-of-autumns so far. I have spent my days getting my work done for Wood’s and planning our second High Point Market visit this month; my evenings have been filled with The Sound of Music. My five-year-old daughter, Lillian, was cast as Gretyl in our community theater’s production of the beloved musical. We are now in our third and final weekend. I have been acting as stage mom to a group of amazing kids. Lillie says, “Mama helps people get dressed.” Yes. Yes, I do. There are seven Von-Trapp children who change clothes nine times during the show. I am also helping Maria with her quick changes and whatever else I am asked to do. This role has given me much joy this month; I have found much satisfaction in helping others stand in the spotlight.

Lillian applies her own lipstick. Thanks, Daniel Purcell for this picture of my girl!


My Favorite Things has been one of my favorite songs since my childhood; I have sung it to my own children at bedtime. Having heard it many, many times over the last few months, it has made me reflect on my own favorite-things list. The first thing on my list is my planner. I have used tons of calendars/planners/journals over the last few years. I have used them for journaling and as photo books in addition to calendar-keeping. My current favorite is my Erin Condren planner. I keep up with work, kids’ activities, meal-planning, baby-sitter schedules, and to-do lists all one place. It’s pretty, too. Pretty things make me happy.

This is my favorite pen. I have orded many packs to keep in my purse, home, and at the office. I like black ink. Oh, Rose Gold makes me happy, too. (Can you tell?)

My next favorite thing is my daily 5:00 AM email from Encounter. This is a daily Christian meditation. It focuses on a short, simple verse that you pray through in a guided way. It may sound silly, but it allows me to calm my overly-active brain first thing in the morning and focus on what is most important. It takes about fifteen-minutes. The mornings that start this way are always calmer! When I wake up before my three-year-old Morgan and get this done first, I am always thankful I did it!


My final favorite thing for this list is my Saeco XSmall Espresso Machine. I love strong, black coffee. I drink far too much of it. I developed a taste for espresso on a cruise Kevin and I took to Cuba a couple of years ago. Last year for Christmas, this was our only gift to one another. It grinds coffee for each individual cup and can also make a lovely, frothy latte if you choose. One simple present that changed my life. OK. That’s an exaggeration, but it DID make my favorite things list!



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  1. Thanks for sharing Encounter. I’ve been listening now for two weeks. Love it! Really gets my day started on a beautiful note!


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